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Selection Guide Worksheet

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I)Determine the approximate maximum viewing distance your target viewers will be from your sign, or the speed (mph) they will be traveling if the sign will be positioned on a roadside. Then refer to our "TEXT HEIGHT VIEWING DISTANCE & TIME CHART" (click here or on the link on our Sign Selection Page) to establish the proper minimum text height necessary for your viewers to read your message.

Minimum character height:inches
II)Determine the maximum number of text or number characters (including spaces) you will need to display in a "single frame stationary message". You will have an unlimited number of characters for scrolling messages so this only applies to a "single frame stationary message".

Maximum number of characters needed:
III)Consider what type of LED coloration you would a) prefer and b) need for your sign messages: Single color (red or amber), Tri-color (red, green & amber) or Full color (16 million colors). Obviously, more colors equals a better display but at greater cost. If you will be displaying only text messages, single or tri-color may work well for you (tri-color is OK for simple/limited color graphics). However, for text messages, a tri-color or even full color model will provide a more vivid, eye catching marketing tool provided this option fits your budget. The more colors, the better your message will look. If you intend to display graphics, images or video clips along with your text messages, then you will need a full color model.

LED coloration:

IV)Now you must consider the shape (height vs. width) of your sign. For text messages you will need to consider the number of text lines to be displayed in a single frame. You can use the "MADE TO ORDER SIGN LINE & CHARACTER SIZE CALCULATOR" (click here or on the link available on every "Sign Height Range" or "Sign Pixilation" page along with the sign models, specs and pricing). The "Maximum number of characters" and "Minimum character height" determined in steps "I" and "II" above will provide some guidance when combined with any other size and shape limitations due to installation and budget considerations. Remember, you always have multi-line and "scrolling" options for a longer message. Regarding graphics, images and video clips, a higher height:width ratio (ideally from1:3 to 3:4) will provide a more suitable frame for most images and video, but you know what you intend to display, so whatever works for you. To view available sizes (sign widths) in the range that meets your character height requirements proceed to either the "Custom Window Display Sign (Semi-Outdoor)" or "Custom Outdoor Display Sign" selection pages (also found on the black and red NAV Bar on the left side of our Home page). Then, choose the appropriate "sign height and coloration" from the selection tables. From there you can use the "MADE TO ORDER SIGN LINE & CHARACTER SIZE CALCULATOR". to help determine which size and shape will work best for you. If you determine that you need a larger sign than any that are shown, we can build any larger size you may need. Please call us at (800)660-3659 or email us for a quote.

Selected Model(s): #1) #2) #3)
V)NOTE: When selecting your sign, be aware of the "Pixel Pitch". Higher pixel pitch (the distance between pixels) means lower resolution, but also a lower cost per square foot of sign display. If you are intending to display images or video, it is recommended that you use between 15mm to 20mm pitch (26mm for larger signs that will be viewed from a greater distance). For text messages, higher pixel pitch is not a factor and can help you meet your character height size requirements for greater viewing distance more economically. However, keep in mind that larger characters translate to fewer characters per line and stationary display frame at a given display width (use the "MADE TO ORDER SIGN LINE & CHARACTER SIZE CALCULATOR").
VI)Finally, review the COMMUNICATION OPTIONS (click here) for the sign you have chosen. For our Outdoor MEGA LED Display Signs, we offer standard 50ft RS232 cable to PC connections along with the optional Wireless Bluetooth Option (range 300ft). For the MEGA LED Window Display Signs, we offer the both the standard RS232/PC connection, the optional Wireless Bluetooth and also an optional Wireless Hand Held IR Programming Remote Control. Please note that each of these communications is a stand-alone system, and cannot be combined with either of the other communication options (must be selected at the time the sign is ordered).

Communication/programming Method:
If you were unable to find a sign that meets your communication needs, please call an LED Display Signs sales representative to discuss other options available with our HYPERION line of indoor and outdoor LED message centers (1-5 mile wireless and off-location internet programming). HYPERION pricing is provided by formal quotation only (not posted) and different than our MEGA LED line. Sizing and character heights and maximums will be similar to our MEGA LED line.

You are now ready to order the programmable LED display sign that suits your needs. Call Toll Free: (800)660-3659 for a formal quote (including S&H), or to place your order. Lead time for delivery is 2-3 weeks for our MEGA Made to Order Semi-Outdoor signs and 4-8 weeks for our Made to Order Outdoor signs from the time of purchase.

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