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The electronic display board has been around for many years. We're all familiar with New York's Times Square, and of course, the "Strip" in Las Vegas. Originally, conventional incandescent bulbs were used, however, maintenance was extremely high due to the short lifespan and fragility of the glass bulbs.

Commercial development of the LED (light emitting diode)in the 1970's would eventually lead to LED's replacing the inefficient and delicate incandescent bulbs, and subsequently, huge improvements in the capabilities of lighted display boards.

Electronic Display Board

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LED lighted display boards now offer a variety of advantages over conventional lighted signs (neon & incandescent). Higher efficiency and durability, combined with low voltage internal wiring for ease of computer programming integration, have made it virtually impossible for neon and incandescent lighted signs to compete.

LED displays can range from the most simple single word sign to the huge jumbo-tron screens that we've all seen at professional sports stadiums. Yes, those are LED displays!

LED-display-signs.com offers a variety of programmable LED displays and signs to meet your needs. We offer indoor, semi-indoor (window display), and outdoor models in various sizes.

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