What can business signs do for you?

No matter what your business is, business signs can play a huge role in advertising, branding, directing and organizing. Obviously, the most fundamental purpose is to get your business noticed (advertisement).

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Retail and Retail Service Industries

If you are in a retail or service industry that relies on walk-in traffic or local community awareness of your services as your customer base, then a sign is a major part of your marketing program. Prospective customers may see your sign as they walk or drive by, and become aware of your presence. They may not buy today, but if they know you're there, they will think of you when they do need your products or services. If they don't notice your sign, they may not know your there.

Industrial and Manufacturing Industries

Industrial and Manufacturing Industries generally use signs for a different purpose than retail. Customers are established through other means, but are retained through quality products, low prices, on-time delivery and excellent customer service.

Signs in industry can be used for the instruction of personnel with regard to proper procedure, scheduling, safety guidelines, order and shipment processing/status, or general information. A more informed work force is a more productive work force, and that leads to customer satisfaction.

What business sign is best for your needs?

Sign types range from billboards to a single piece of paper taped on something. It all depends on how important is the message, and who needs to notice it. If it's important for your message to be noticed, then nothing works better than lights. The brighter the better.

There are three types of lighted signs: Light Box, Neon and LED. Of the three choices, LED displays are by far, the most versatile , economical, efficient and durable business signs available.

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